Below are some projects that I have worked on



A new platform for cloud technologies.


World class developer solutions in the cloud.


Submitted to TitanHacks in 2020, Reposi is a little github plugin made to dynamically load your github repos to showcase on your own website made. I did the web design, and worked on aspects of the backend systems.

Project Pigeon

Project: Pigeon was a hackathon project I worked on with four of my friends from school during [email protected] November 16-17th 2019. I worked on the front end of the website and attempted to link the Website with the Python neural networks. I also worked on configuring a camera to work on the Raspberry Pi with Linux. website

Initially a simple static HTML website, now a dynamic site running on a Flask backend with its own Database.

Nginx backend systems

I started this in Jan 2019, when I first learned of NGINX and its reverse proxy capabilities. I adopted it immediatly and now most of my systems run off of it, including, which is a file and image hosting server

Aspen CDN

A new Content Delivery network, currently just for personal use, but i hope to expand and add more locations accross the United States. I understand the difficulty of this, but I am still excited about what the future will bring, whether it be success or failiure.

Dulles Robotics Website

I worked on the frontend and backend for the old website and the media server which is on a seperate server, the latter which I host myself. I also utilised AspenCDN on this site.

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